PR Podcasting

I recently listened to a few different podcasts relating to marketing and PR.  This will be a summary of what I heard on the various podcasts as well as how listening to PR and marketing podcasts can help PR students and new PR practitioners.

The first podcast that I listened to was the latest episode of “Marketing Over Coffee.”  In this podcast, the speakers were on a trip into the snow and spoke very briefly on how to melt snow, a sort of introduction to the podcast.  After this, they spoke for a while on how to manage and clear out email lists kept for mailings.  In this section, they spoke on different regulations by companies that send out email lists as well as different services and programs that they have used in the past to accomplish this task.  They also spoke on a few other smaller topics in this podcast.

The next podcast I listened to was actually a series of shorter podcasts on new developments in the tech world.  The hosts of this show  spoke on various new technologies coming out onto the market and new devices released at CES.  They spoke about various emerging phones and tablets that are soon to be on the market and briefly explained what the specifications and details of the devices are.

These podcasts can be used by a PR student or a new PR practitioner in keeping up to date on the latest developments in their field of work as well as to learn new and upcoming techniques that will help them in their everyday work.  Students can use PR or marketing podcasts to learn about the industry and what is going on around the different areas.

There are many different podcasts out there that address different industries and there is also a large variety in the ‘angle of attack’ they use.  Some podcasts will look at things from the standpoint of the business whereas there may be another one that looks at the same thing from the consumers’ viewpoint.  This can be very helpful for students in particular just because of the sheer variety of material that is available, each person is bound to be able to find something that interests them.

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