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Publics in Public Relations

In public relations, professionals use “publics” to divide their audiences.  Publics can be anywhere from a place that someone works to the grocery store they frequently go to.  These publics can be used by public relations professionals to market to certain individuals who are interested in specific things.  Publics can be used to greatly enhance the work done by a public relations professional.

We can all break down our lives and examine what publics we are a part of.  For me, I am a member of the public of Crispers employees, students of Southeastern University (even students in general), as well as photographers and users of Canon cameras.

For each of these publics, I am a part of a community of people who are also in the same position I am.  Each one is a different size; the Crisper’s employee public is only about 30 people while the students of SEU is approximately three to four thousand people.  Sometimes these publics intermingle with each other.  For instance, two people that are a member of the “students of SEU” public as well as the Lakeland, FL residents public.

In essence, the publics that we are a part of are dictated by our choices in life.  Depending on where we live and the line of work or career we pursue, some of the publics we are involved in are chosen for us.  Other publics, such as whether we shop at Publix or Winn-Dixie, we set ourselves.

Everywhere you look in the world, you can see publics that exist.  It is interesting to go through a day and think about where you go and what you do and what publics you associate with in your life.  It is also interesting to analyze different ethnicities and see the difference in publics between them, such as different restaurants they visit and clothing stores they shop at.

Whether we notice it or not, publics are all around us and all of us are likely a part of many of them.


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