is a website that offers free courses that anyone can sign up and take in order to expand their knowledge on many subjects.  I recently took the course about Community service photojournalism.  The course can be found here.

Many companies offer the opportunity integrate community service projects into their employee’s work.  This not only makes the company look good, but also allows the employee to be able to do something that requires them missing a day or more of work with their employer’s support.

A good skill to possess in this situation would be the ability to effectively document the activity in order to present it to others.  If the activity is somewhat large, the company would  likely support the idea of having a photojournalism project to document it.

This course was somewhat informative about how to effectively capture the service being performed but also touched on how to gain admission into closed-environment events.  It wasn’t the best at gaining effective photojournalism strategies in order to take effective pictures and document the event, but I would still recommend it to another PR practitioner who is looking to gain experience and skill in documenting projects and activities through photojournalism.

Overall, I wasn’t too flattered by the course, but there are also additional parts to the course if someone wanted to learn more about the skill.  I may take these follow up courses at a later date in order to expand my knowledge on this.  I think that the idea of the course was solid and the loose ends that I see in the course may be tied up with the remaining parts of the full course.

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