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Tips for Preparing for a Job Interview

We have all been in the spot of having to go in to interview for a position that we are seeking.  We all also know how nerve racking the process can be!  With proper preparation, we can kiss the nervousness that comes with interviews good-bye.

First, research the company.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we need to know about the company that we are applying and interviewing for.  Know what they do, know what locations they have, what their expectations are, etc…  There is probably nothing worse to an interviewer than for the person they’re interviewing to not know anything about the company and to just blindly go into the interview.

Secondly, rehearse the common questions.  The following links have lists of questions that are commonly asked in  interviews.  Prepare and rehearse your answers.  Don’t sound robotic, just know what you’re saying.  Make sure what you say is in clear thoughts and relates to the question!

Thirdly, do some research on what the dress code is at the workplace.  Never dress any more casually than the workers that are there.  A suit is almost always the best bet.  It is always better to be over-dressed than to be under-dressed!

This again shouldn’t come at a surprise, but have an answer or explanation ready for why you want to work at this specific place.  This would probably go into the section of rehearsing common questions, but it could be overlooked on the basis that it seems so simple.  In reality, this is a loaded question.  This tells the interviewer what your motivations are for working for them; if they don’t like why you want to work there, the likeliness of you being hired are very slim.

Also, make sure you can explain what your future goals are or where you see yourself in the future.  For example, if you are wishing to be a meteorologist in the future, why should the resort hire you?

Lastly, relax.  It shouldn’t be totally laid back, but you shouldn’t be shaking out of your shoes going into an interview because that shows that you aren’t fully prepared for the interview.  The interviewer will be able to tell if you are nervous!

Now go out and interview like a seasoned professional!

Here are a few links to articles about preparing for an interview…



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