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Apple Strategy

Once upon a time, Apple was just another company fighting for control of the PC market.  Today, Apple is dominating the leading edge of personal electronics, from iPods to laptops to tablets.  Apple has a strategy that brings a lot of hype to their products.

Today, Apple is making a press release to release the second generation of the iPad.  Just as with almost every other product, they build up the hype coming up to the release in order to get the maximum support from the press and their consumer base.  Steve Jobs is at the center of this, being the CEO of Apple as well as, until recently, the one to make press releases.

The future of Apple’s success is in question at this point.  Steve Jobs has been on medical leave for the past two months and counting.  Being the center of Apple’s marketing strategy, this is a large problem.  Nobody knows what is wrong with him or whether he will be coming back or not.  This is an alarming fact and problem for Apple and their supporters.

  1. March 2, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    Hopefully whatever issue Steve Job’s is dealing with will be resolved soon. Even though Apple could survive without him in theory, he is still the driving force behind the company, and their marketing will surely suffer if he stays out of work for too long. However even without a lot of marketing, there is no way Apple is going away anytime soon, especially with the anticipation behind the second generation Ipad.

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