Wireless 500

There is, at this point, a race going on with the wireless companies.  The race is of development sorts, with all of the major cellular carriers racing each other to try to develop the widest 4G network the fastest.

Sprint was the first to release and begin expanding a 4G network, holding the standing legacy of always being the first carrier to release the new technology and begin expanding.  The other networks, such as Verizon, At&t and Tmobile have since released their own version of Sprint’s 4G Wi-Max network.

This race is largely of installing the necessary hardware and transmission devices around the country.  4G is the next generation of wireless signal and is capable of speeds faster than some of today’s broadband internet services!

The thing about the race is the balance between expanding quickly and giving the customers the best service.  As we all know, anything done fast usually has more problems, and in this case, would take much longer to fix if they had to service every transmission point they have installed since they started!

The race has just started a few months ago and is sure to be here for the next few years as the companies continue to expand, but we will soon be able to establish a winner.

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