Twitter Chats!

A while back, I was able to take part in my first Twitter chat, #PRStudChat.  This chat is centered around and for students, so I felt very welcome in the discussion.  Everyone was very open and welcoming even though they didn’t know me previously.

The discussion started off with everyone introducing themselves.  Each person took a few seconds and a few tweets to introduce themselves at the beginning and that caused me to miss the beginning of the discussion!  Before I knew it, I was already way behind in the chat!

The discussion went though many different topics all the way from mentoring to what PR work entails.  It was a very broad spectrum and all of it was very interesting…  When I kept up enough to understand what was going on!  It was quite difficult to read and process each tweet from various participants in the chat and be able to keep up with the chat, but as a whole, I think I kept up adequately.

Overall, I did benefit and learn a lot of information about the field of PR and what the jobs entail.  I am not a PR or journalism major, so I am not aware of all of the tasks and responsibilities that PR practitioners have in the field.  This chat gave me a very good overview of the different things that take place and what practitioners do in their everyday work.

I am a theology major, so some of my work will entail PR work, but I don’t intend on pursuing it as a sole career.  This chat was very informative and I will likely use twitter chats to get information about different subjects.

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