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PR Firm or Department

This is a post from Ben Herrman.  I read this post and thought that it offered a lot of good information.  You can view the original post here.

Deciding between a Public Relations firm or department to pick a career in is a vital part of PR. As potential future PR professionals it is something we are faced with not necessarily today, but very soon. Personally, I would rather work at a PR firm. There are many aspects of firms that appeal to me more than working at a department.

In just reading Chapter Four in our textbook, Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, departments seemed a lot more complicated than firms. The levels of management, line and staff functions, and the friction that all goes on within the department swayed me already towards the firms. Firms have more excitement and adventure to them than departments.

Some major things that stuck out with me that the book stated were:

Marketing Communications, involving the promotion of products and services through such tools as news releases, feature stories, special events, brochures, and media tours.

Crisis communication, in which management is counseled on what to say and do in an emergency such as an oil spill or a recall of an unsafe product.

International jobs. I love to travel, and having a job that offers that would be a huge benefit for me. I already have some experience in this as my dad’s current job has him travel quite a lot, and on the rare occurrence I get to go with him, it’s a total blast not only getting the experience working for his company for a short time, but also seeing the world.

These are probably the three biggest advantages to working for a firm that appealed to me. I think the biggest part of it is the International area. Having some experience in working for my dad’s company, Z-Medica, as a Communications Associate and helping them out at different Trade Shows has given me a good view on some of the work that I would be doing at a firm. I really enjoyed doing it, and hopefully it can be something I can use in the future as I search for career opportunities very soon.

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