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Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo… What Do We Do?

A good percentage of people play video games on a regular basis.  Anyone who has had to decide on a new gaming system has seen, whether they knew it or not, the tactics and prospective audiences of each company with its system.  Each company is aimed at a different age group and they tailor their systems towards those groups.

Sony, with its Playstation 3, the latest console in the family, tailors to more seasoned gamers but offers different accessories and games to appeal to more families and younger people.  Early on, the price of the console kept it from becoming a big hit outside of those who were already set on getting it.  Now, prices have dropped and made it applicable to younger and older alike.

Microsoft has the Xbox 360 as its latest console.  This, like the Playstation, is meant first  for seasoned gamers and has similar accessories to make it more family friendly.

Nintendo, with its Wii and DS handhelds, caters to younger gamers with more cartoon-like games and handhelds with kid-friendly games.

With each company comes its own marketing strategy in order to market to the right section of the population that their system is aimed at.

  1. Stephanie
    April 15, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    I loved video games as a kid but I was always a Nintendo person. Now with all the new systems like the new XBOX and PS3, there is so much competition between the companies. No wonder they have to spend so much money on advertising and developing new systems!

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