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This Semester in Public Relations

As this semester is coming to a close, this will be a list of ten things that I learned in my public relations class this semester.  There are only twenty-one more days until graduation, and I will be there, with my cap and gown.  The long awaited ceremony is almost here; the ceremony that signifies freedom, or rather, the adult life.  Without any further adieu, my list of ten things that I learned about PR this semester:

  1. Public relations is a demanding, but much needed profession.  Without public relations to maintain and restore the relationships between customers and businesses, fans and sports figures, celebrities and fans, we would all be put off and not be a fan of any business or person.
  2. There are many different things that public relations deals with.  From advertising to customer relations, public relations professionals handle a variety of aspects of businesses.
  3. Crisis management is a very important part of public relations.  There are many times that crisis management is needed in any type of business or organization.  Just last week, here in Lakeland, a toddler was accidentally served alcohol at a local restaurant; this restaurant now has a job to do in restoring and maintaining their public image.
  4. The two “types,” or places that a PR practitioner can work is either in a PR department inside of a company or at a PR firm which then contracts with other companies to perform their PR work.
  5. As I am a theology major with a minor in web and app development, I didn’t know much about PR before taking this class, so I learned a lot of fundamentals and details about the profession.
  6. There are many different types of media that public relations can be executed through, such as print, web, video, etc…
  7. Research is also a very large part of PR.  Research allows them to see what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past!
  8. PR practitioners must be wary of what they release and what they say, especially when speaking about a certain person as there are laws governing slander and other derogatory remarks.
  9. Even sports and travel use PR in order to manage their relations with their customers and fans.
  10. Public relations isn’t just a job; once you become a PR practitioner, you live and breathe PR and will catch yourself thinking about it even though it may be the weekend!
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