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Martin Waxman Interview

My professor of my public relations class was able to do an interview with Martin Waxman a while back.  Martin is the co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc. in Canada.  He is an accomplished public relations practitioner with a lot of experience in the field.  In addition to being president of this corporation, he also runs a fairly popular blog focused on public relations work.

The things about Palette Public Relations that interested me were the principles that they hold and stand by.  They aim for simplicity, they never give up, and integrity.  These are all very practical and simple, yet profound principles to put forth as an organization.

Not a lot of public relations firms try to aim for simplicity.  Public relations is a complicated field, but Palette aims to simplify it and make their clients’ lives easier.

Never giving up is also very simple, holding true to the previous commitment, but it holds a lot of weight.  Even when they have all of the odds stacked against them and they just want to give in and throw in the towel, they hold strong and stick it out through the adversity.  This is a very commendable aspect of their company.

Integrity.  Sadly, integrity can be somewhat hard to come by in today’s workplace.  This is a vital aspect to hold on to, in my mind.  Integrity as a company-wide stance makes the audience much more receptive and honest with you as a company.  When someone opens up themselves to you, it is hard to not open up to them as well and not feel bad!

This interview has been a learning experience and it was definitely interesting to be able to see how technology can help us in our work.  Technology changes very rapidly and is advancing in leaps and bounds today, but we should embrace the change that is going on and use it to its fullest extent!

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